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At Gadsden Roofing, our commitment to excellence in roofing is matched only by our dedication to customer satisfaction in Hokes Bluff, AL.

Enhance Your Living Space With Our Roofing Experts In Hokes Bluff, AL Hokes Bluff, AL

At Gadsden Roofing, we get it – having a solid, dependable roof over your home is a big deal. Being family-owned-and-operated, we treat our customers like our own fam and always aim to go above and beyond with our exceptional roofing services.

Our Hokes Bluff, AL squad of experts is dedicated to providing top-notch services with high-quality products that guarantee longevity for your roof. We go above and beyond in delivering unparalleled service to make sure your roof is in tip-top shape!

Affordable and reliable roofing solutions in Hokes Bluff, AL

At Gadsden Roofing, we take pride in being a top-notch roofing company that puts our clients’ interests first. Whether it’s repairs, replacements or maintenance, our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our customers by providing real value.


We are roofing contractors who give top priority to providing excellent customer service alongside quality, cost-effective roofing materials. Our services cater to homes of all sizes, and we aim to keep the work atmosphere positive throughout the project. Schedule a free inspection in Hokes Bluff, AL today, and let’s transform your roofing experience together.

Services we provide in Hokes Bluff, AL

Residential Roofing
At Gadsden Roofing, we have you covered when it comes to top-notch residential roof repair and replacement services, no matter the roofing material - shingle, slate, or tile. Our team is dedicated to delivering reliable residential roofing solutions that you can count on.
Commercial Roofing
If you need roofing services for your commercial property in Hokes Bluff, AL, make sure to contact Gadsden Roofing. Our professionals can also handle commercial roofing projects with utmost perfection.

Our Process

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Give us a ring to start sorting out your issue or to arrange a consultation.

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Our PRO-Level technicians thoroughly examine the issue to determine what’s up.

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After inspecting the scene, we’ll give you a detailed and accurate estimate.

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Our team of experts in Hokes Bluff, AL will work diligently to resolve the issue and get your roofing work done, ASAP!

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At Gadsden Roofing, we stand by our work with a satisfaction guarantee and will make any necessary adjustments to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Your trusted roofing partner in Hokes Bluff, AL.

What Our Customers Say..

The team at Gadsden Roofing did an amazing job on our roof replacement. Fast, efficient, and professional.

I highly recommend this company for their top-notch customer service and quality workmanship.

Thanks to the team, our leaky roof is a thing of the past. They delivered on their promise.

Great prices, exceptional work, and friendly staff. Kudos to the folks at Gadsden Roofing for a job well done.

Why Choose Us?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Keep an eye out for roof leaks, missing shingles, and visible damage - those can be signs of potential roof problems! Your home's roof is the key to protecting its interior from damage due to rain, wind, and other environmental conditions. Regular roof maintenance can help ensure that your roof is in good condition and able to keep your home safe. At Gadsden Roofing, we provide comprehensive roof repair and replacement services to protect your home's investment. We offer a variety of services ranging from simple repairs to full re-roofing projects.

When you're looking to hire a professional service, it's smart to ask about a few key things. First, check out their experience and what licenses they have to make sure they know their stuff. This makes sure you're working with pros you can count on.

Also, make sure to ask about insurance that covers any potential damages or losses while they work. And, don't forget to ask about the time and cost of everything involved, so you know it'll fit in with what you need.

The best time to replace a roof is during dry, mild weather conditions.

Repair is a temporary solution. If the damage is severe or the roof is old, replacement may be necessary.

Picking the perfect roofing system comes down to what the homeowner or business owner can afford, what style they like, and the climate they're in.

Roof replacement typically involves replacing the existing roof system that is in place, including the roof decking, shingles or other roofing material, flashing, underlayment, and any vents or other components. It also may involve replacing damaged fascia and soffit boards and gutters. Depending on the age and condition of the existing roof system, additional repairs may need to be made as well.

The loudest part of roof replacement is likely the removal of the old roofing materials. This can involve hammering, sawing, and other noisy activities that will be necessary to safely remove the existing roofing materials before the new ones can be installed.

Yes, squirrels can damage your roof. Squirrels are active chewers and can gnaw through shingles and other roof materials to gain access to the attic. They also build nests in attics or chimneys, which can block air flow and cause structural damage as well. Additionally, they may chew through wires or electrical cables, resulting in potential fire hazards.

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Nestled in the shade of the Appalachians, Hokes Bluff, Alabama is a breathtaking beauty. Imagine crisp freshwater, rolling hills and the perfect place to call home. Just minutes away from metropolitan hubs like Atlanta (only two hours away!), Chattanooga and Birmingham, it’s an oasis of peace.

This isn’t a mere development zone, though. It’s a lively, close-knit community that hosts splendid annual events, such as Riverfest and the World’s Largest Yard Sale. They’re perfect for families and exude small-town charm.

If you yearn for a safe, secure and welcoming place to call your own, Hokes Bluff is the solution. Our love for this town will surely rub off on you – come visit Hokes Bluff today!